damon oliver - tenor saxophone

dan smith - alto saxophone

michael redfern - guitar

matt carter - keyboards

wilbur whitta - piano

rhys lovell - bass

oren mcloughlin - drums

Damon’s latest creation, ‘rhinoceros,’ is a band blurring the lines between modern jazz, rock and electronic music. Taking influence from the likes of Kneebody, Snarky Puppy, and Chris Potter, the band’s music has a distinctive mix of high-energy grooves and anthemic melodies balanced with bold, explosive improvisations.


With the aim of bringing together a collective of individual voices, Damon is joined by the outstanding talents of Dan Smith (alto saxophone), Matt Carter (keyboards/synths), Wilbur Whitta (piano), Michael Redfern (guitar), Rhys Lovell (bass), and Oren McLoughlin (drums). The combination of these seven highly distinctive improvisers sees the music venture in new directions with each performance, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieve sonically within a jazz context.

© 2019 Damon Oliver